Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Author Talk: Deborah Phillips

Author Talk: Deborah Phillips
Muskingum University Library
Thursday, November 19th @ 3:30

Please join us in welcoming Deborah Phillips for our November Author Talk.

Deborah K. Phillips is Associate Professor in Communication at Muskingum College. She has a B.S. in business from the University of West Alabama, an M.A. in communication from the University of Wyoming, and a Ph.D. in communication from Florida State University. She is currently Gender and Media Studies Planner for the Popular Culture Association. Her research interests include popular culture, gender studies, and Canadian and U.S. television studies.

Deborah will discuss her work on “Gambling and Gender: Men and Women at Play”, which she co-authored with Vicki Wilson.

Deborah’s work on “Gambling and Gender forges a new direction, studying gambling as more communication than compulsion, more recreation than deviance, more sociology than psychology. Within that framework it seeks to explore several aspects of gender: How do the gambling behaviors of men and women differ? How have women adapted to and/or changed the historically male dominance of the gambling arena? What gambling activities have women claimed as their own and used to develop uniquely female relationships? How have recent trends in technology and mass media changed the ways in which men and women claim or reject their gender identities? The authors use a variety of research strategies, including content analysis, survey research, interviews, and participative observation, to shed new light on this fascinating subject and to suggest ways to explore it further.

Light refreshments will be provided.