Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Access Issues to Muskingum Catalog and Databases Due to Columbus Power Outage

Updated and Revised on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 6:40 p.m.

The power outage in Columbus continues to impact the availability of many online library resources hosted by the OHIONET office in Upper Arlington.

The following resources are still unavailable for student, faculty, and staff use:
  • Muskingum College Library Catalog/OPAL Catalog, including the ability to renew Muskingum or OhioLINK items checked out
  • Accessing databases using the links on the Muskingum College Library web site, because they rely on the OPAL proxy server to be online
  • Electronic course reserves, because it requires the OPAL Catalog server to be online
  • Remote authentication for off-campus access to all databases, because it requires the OPAL proxy server to be online
  • Ability to request a book using the OhioLINK Central Catalog, because authentication requires the OPAL Catalog server to be online
The following search alternatives are still functioning, because they use the OhioLINK web site:
  • Three out of the four QuickSearch tabs on the Library’s home page are still operational on-campus. The Articles, eBooks, and eReference QuickSearches are working. The Books QuickSearch is not work because the OPAL Catalog server is not online.
  • You can find a book in our Library by using the OhioLINK Catalog Advanced Keyword Search page and choosing OPAL Libraries as the "Location" limit. You will have to view the list of libraries that own the book to determine if it is Muskingum College or one of the other OPAL member libraries.
  • You can access research databases (including the Electronic Journal Center and the Electronic Book Center) on-campus through the OhioLINK Databases page.
OhioLINK’s servers have been running on a backup generator since Sunday afternoon.

We will notify the campus community when these services have been restored. We do not know how long the power outage will last. The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that power may not be restored completely until this weekend.

Please contact the Library at (740) 826-8152 if you have questions.

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