Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Quick Search @ OhioLINK

OhioLINK has released a new tool to help you search for information. Quick Search @ OhioLINK provides simple, Google-like searching with reliable, library-quality results that are appropriate for your assignments. This search helps you save time by letting you search multiple resources simultaneously and receive results in a unified display. Conduct a Quick Search to search resources in a specific subject or discipline or use the Multi-Database Search option to customize your search.

Try Quick Search @ OhioLINK when:

* you are working on a class assignment and don’t really know where to begin
* you are looking quickly for a few articles and don’t need the most scholarly or complete results
* you are used to searching Google

Conduct a Quick Search in three easy steps:
1. Type a search
2. Pick a subject
3. Click go to begin

Advanced researchers who need the most comprehensive and authoritative results are better served by using the specialized databases in their field. Only a specialized database interface can provide sophisticated tools such as a thesaurus, proximity operators, specialized limits, complex export options, etc.