Monday, January 16, 2006

Library Resources Still at Risk - Support OhioLINK Funding!

Support OhioLINK Funding

Did You Know?
OhioLINK needs broad support for its projected 2007 and 2008 capital appropriation of $8.91 million. You can help by contacting your legislators and expressing your support for OhioLINK funding and the projected appropriation of $8.91 million.

How Does OhioLINK Funding Affect You?
Unless OhioLINK funding increases in the coming years, Ohio students, faculty and staff face losing some of the library resources they depend on for 21st century teaching and learning. In addition, without adequate funding OhioLINK, and its member libraries, will not be able to purchase new, needed content and services or upgrade existing services (unless current services and resources are cancelled).

What Can You Do?