Monday, November 28, 2005

Dictionary of Art (Reference Resource Spotlight)

The 34 volume Dictionary of Art (REF N31 .D5 1996) can be used to begin your research on an artist, style, movement, material, technique, or location. Don’t be fooled by the title, this resource is more similar to an encyclopedia with over 45,000 detailed articles with bibliographies. The Dictionary of Art includes the following types of articles:
  • bibliographies of individual painters, sculptors, architects, potters;
  • artistic styles, schools, movements, and groups;
  • forms, themes, subject matter, materials, and techniques;
  • country specific art, architecture, sculpture, and decorative arts;
  • highlights of artwork of non-Western cultures;
  • geographic locations with significant artistic traditions;
  • and a history of art patronage

The articles vary in length from a half a page to multiple pages. Most entries include a photograph, sketch, or image to help you further understand what is being describe. We recommend that you start with the Index (Volume 34) to help you identify which volumes include information related to your topic.


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