Friday, April 01, 2005

Objects from Worldwide Travel on Display

April in Paris! Okay, that might be a stretch since we're in New Concord, but you can get a taste of the world by visiting the Library and taking in our display cases during the month of April. Kara LaSota from the International Programs Office will be displaying some pieces she has collected during her trips abroad. Information about Muskingum's International Programs will also be on display. Objects from Kara's collection will include: a Minoan Snake Goddess (Island of Crete, Greece); a Loving Spoon (Wales, U.K.); a Spirit Knife (Tibet); a Sun carving (Cebu, the Philippines); a Sgian-dubh (Scotland, UK), a Eucharist stamp (Romania); a Rose oil doll (Bulgaria); a Yerba mate cup and straw (Argentina); a pair of Castanets (Spain), and a small box with gemstone painting (India).